How to Make Wood Signs with Cricut Maker

Making wood signs can be a daunting task especially if you lack the right tools. Therefore, you can make wood sign with cricut to simplify your crafting task.

Unlike other types of Cricut, wood signs or any other sign made from thicker and non bonded materials can be better handled by the Cricut Maker. Whereas Cricut requires nothing other than the machine, the blade, and the cutting mat, you require more accessories to ensure you get better wood sign-making service from your Cricut Maker.

Some other accessories that make it possible for a new Cricut marker to produce magnificent wood signs include the Cricut maker machine, the rotary blade, the drive housing, the Fine Point Pen, the Premium Fine Point Blade and Housing, the FabricGrip Mat (measuring 12″x12″), the LightGrip Mat (measuring 12″x12″), the USB cable, the power adapter, and the welcome book and first project materials.

Unlike when making traditional patterns that could take up to an hour to realize, the Cricut Maker can deliver your wood patterns in just 15 minutes. The marker provides for the upload of custom patterns. One thing you, however, must ensure is that you supply correct wood dimensions. While using this sign maker, remember that the patterns you supply represent projects and not images, and therefore are static and cannot be changed.

The Cricut Maker has a knife blade designed to make a deep cut (2.44 MM) into the wood while making patterns. What’s more, this blade brings more power to your craft operation. For instance, it increases the exertion force by four kilograms, thus making the marker 10 times more powerful.

The machine optimizes the blades depending on the material under operation. The optimization ensures that the Cricut applies correct pressure to wood depending on its individual characteristics. This optimization results in the creation of the smooth and clean signs. Unlike other machines that require updating of tools and accessories, the Cricut Marker can use tools from its predecessor Cricut Explore.

In addition, this Cricut comes with a marking pen (washable) which offers you a great capability to make patterns on your wood projects better than it was previously.