5 Craft Project Ideas for Old Road Signs

Looking for a unique idea for a project? Check out these 5 craft project ideas for old road signs.

With time, road signs that were once new get old and worn out, thanks to the laws of nature. But luckily you can recycle them by crafting them into something beautiful and useful, which can fill a gap in your home.

With the recycling or re-use of old road signs, you get an advantage of acquiring useful items, cheaply. Remember, you’ll only require footing the manpower costs, and maybe a bit of cash to bring together a few different parts. Here are five ideas on what you can create using old road signs. If you need some tips getting started, check out these woodworking tips for beginners.

1. Stop sign table

The octagon-shaped stop sign previously used on the roads can be converted to create your table top. To create a table out of the octagon-shaped stop sign, you only need to have the table framework in place. With the framework, you can then mount this sign to the top of table framework. Once the table is ready, you can use it to enjoy your favorite drink and meal as a coffee table or even as a small dining table at your place. Due to the metallic nature of the sign, you can make a strong table out of it. In addition, the table you make becomes attractive, thanks to the old prints that the metallic plate had while in use as a traffic sign; remember, you don’t necessarily need to cover this table top with a mat at the top to make it look good.

2. Traffic sign as a shelf

Did you know that you can modify the triangular traffic sign to serve you well as a shelf at your house? To achieve this idea, you only need to fold it at the bottom part and mount it onto your wall. The folded part will now act as your support, where you can place a clock, stationery or any item of your choice. The best part about this shelf is that it’s simple to construct and will only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

3. Traffic sign briefcase

The other idea involves converting some old traffic signs into a simple briefcase that you can use to store and carry your documents. To achieve this dream, all you need to do is to craft one or more traffic sign plates into taking a briefcase shape. The briefcase can also serve you well as a laptop bag. Furthermore, the briefcase you make out of these signs can help you protect your laptop from unwarranted damage; it has a relatively hard body, thus giving physical protection to your laptop or any other belongings inside it.

4. Curve them out to create house numbers

Old traffic signs can also be cut to create house numbers. You can use these numbers carved out of old traffic signs as house numbers in rental houses. All you have to do after curving them out is to mount them on door tops to distinguish one house from the other. With the traces of the colors and letters present in these old traffic signs, your house stands to benefit from the aesthetic value that comes as a result.

5. Traffic signs schools bus stop bench

Most traffic signs are metallic in nature, making the material a suitable option to use in crafting a sitting bench. You only need to weld the different components to make a bench. For instance, you can weld some parts to make the bench’s back-rest, sitting surface, and the stands. The resulting product will be a beautiful bench made out of recycled materials. The bench can be used as a bus stop bench. The bench can also offer aesthetic value and therefore can be used in parks or in other public places.