3 Craft Ideas to Make for Your Cat

Confession time. We are huge cat lovers here at I.O. Waposters. If we’re not talking crafts, we’re talking cats. I recently saw an automatic cat feeder on the Smart Cat Lady and it got me thinking about some cat feeder projects.

Having a cat is not easy, but it is rewarding and very fun. In fact, if you treat your cat
with love and respect, rest assured you will be able to establish a good and wonderful
relationship with them.

However, you can start showing your love to your cat, by simply replacing the old food
bowl with a better-looking one. In fact, there are lots of ideas that you can use as an
inspiration and here are the following.

3 Craft Ideas for Cat Food Dish

1. Feeding Station

In order for you create this project, you need to prepare two wood shelves, candle
holder cups, paint, jigsaw drill, and a metal bowl. Actually, it is very easy to do. Make
holes at the top of shelves and place the two metal bowls. Either way, you can use the
inside part of the shelf for storage.

2. Wooden Pallet Stand for Cat Food Bowl

This super simple and easy to do craft idea will surely add more style to your cat’s food
situation. Prepare a duckboard, paint, paint brush, white paint, craft paint sealer, and
sandpaper, while the directions are as follows.
 Sand down the duckboard to give it a smooth finish.
 Mix your paints
 Paint the slats
 Apply a craft paint sealer to all the painted slats.

3. Stacked Ceramic Bowls

If you have old bowls that you no longer use, you can dye and style them to create a
cute and elevated cat food dish. All you have to do is, flip down the two bowls down
and then place an epoxy glue to ensure a proper hold. Then stack the two bowls
together. Afterward, decorate it depending on the style you want.


There you have it, the three craft ideas for cat food dish. So what are you waiting for?
Choose one from this list and start creating for your adorable and lovely cat.